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What's in a name?

Continuing on the name theme I have been hitting before....

This morning on the radio the host was discussing a college that is looking to change it's mascot. It's decided that "Crusaders" is insensitive to it's foreign student populace (9% and growing), and is looking to increase that. The new mascot needs to:

"1) reflect (the school)ís values of spirituality and commitment to all of Godís creation;

2) be a mark of strength and dignity;

3) be applicable for both menís and womenís teams; and,

4) perhaps reflect the geographical uniqueness of the (the school) campus."

The College: The University of the Incarnate Word -- a Catholic college in Texas.

I always figured that if I ever was in charge of naming a sports team, I'd name them something like The Craven Lemmings, The Field Mice, or the Baby Seals. Our colors would be yellow and brown, for reasons that ought to be obvious. Not only would it reinforce the idea that it's just a game, not too be taken too seriously, it would be an insidious form of psyching out our opponents.

"Hey, we won last night!"

"That's great! Who'd you beat? Who fell before the might Timber Wolves?"

(mumble mumble)


"THE FIELD MICE, OK? We beat the Field Mice!"

And it would be even worse trying to explain how they LOST...


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How about "The Nads"? That... (Below threshold)

How about "The Nads"? That way they could cheer "Go, Nads!".

We did that once for a softball team I was on while in the Navy...a bunch of hospital corpsman with warped senses of humor.

I posted something on my bl... (Below threshold)

I posted something on my blog last month about a controversy over the University of Nebraska using the tagline ďPioneering New Frontiers":

Proud of My Pioneer Heritage

Apparently, some view pioneers as marauders, who violently evicted the Native Americans from their homelands and are offended by the use of the word.

The Aussie's have a rugby t... (Below threshold)

The Aussie's have a rugby team named the Walabies, wonder if those they defeat accuse them of hiding the ball in their pouch.

When on my High School wres... (Below threshold)

When on my High School wrestling and football teams, the mighty LeRoy Panthers were not infrequently beaten by the Fisher (wait for it....) Bunnies. Now how humilating is that? They always fielded tough teams.

Guess it's not unlike naming your boy Sue. "And it's that name that helped to make you strong"

I swear to God. Check out the fighting Bunnies mascot, here.






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