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Atrios Unmasked?

As any long time Howard Stern listener can attest, the show has become a radio version of the left wing of the blogosphere. Stern and company are feed a daily digest of the darkest conspiracy theories available from the radical left and they are promptly reported as fact. Gawker notes:

America's public enemy #1, radio-dude Howard Stern, made an off-hand remark on this morning's show -- he claims he writes a secret weblog.
Given the new politcal content of the Stern show, maybe he is Atrios?

Comments (8)

Stern doesn't strike me as ... (Below threshold)

Stern doesn't strike me as that smart.

And that is saying a lot.

Hot Abercrombie Stern!... (Below threshold)

Hot Abercrombie Stern!

No no, just kidding. Obviously, it's BuzzMachine.

Heh! Trust me, it's not Atr... (Below threshold)

Heh! Trust me, it's not Atrios.

With the conspiracy theorie... (Below threshold)

With the conspiracy theories Stern's been throwing out there lately as fact, it's awfully hard to believe anything coming out of his mouth. I highly doubt he has the ability to write that much.

He said in the present tens... (Below threshold)

He said in the present tense? I guess that rules out Barney Gumble.

Who's Howard Stern?... (Below threshold)

Who's Howard Stern?

I know it's a joke, but Atr... (Below threshold)

I know it's a joke, but Atrios is from Philly.

Atrios is Ed Rendell?... (Below threshold)

Atrios is Ed Rendell?






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