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Your Money At Work

Smash has the recap of a long day of work for a bunch of bloggers and the Spirit of America folks.

But here's the good news: enough equipment was delivered to outfit EIGHT Iraqi television stations, and it will be packed up and on its way to Iraq by Saturday afternoon -- only 23 days after the initial public request for funds was issued.
The money raised during the Bloggers Challenge will go toward the TV station request and once that's complete toward their other requests.

Update: Gerard Van der Leun has a moving essay on the day's activities at Camp Pendleton, an DaGoddess has pictures from the day coming soon.

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So, to summarize:N... (Below threshold)

So, to summarize:

Number of TV stations financed by donations raised by bloggers: Eight

Number of radio stations still affiliated with alleged for-profit business Air America: Nine.

We're almost even!






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