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Greatest Invention Ever

The self cooling beer can.

Self Cooling Beer Can

From The Sun

A self-cooling can that uses a vacuum to chill beer is set to be a big hit with the lads across Britain this summer.

Scientists say the temperature of the drink drops 16.7°C (30°F) in three minutes and stays cold for up to an hour.

They work on the same principle of evaporation that makes you feel cold when you step out of the shower.

The beer is surrounded by a watery gel which drains off when the bottom of the can is twisted.

The bottom itself also contains an insulated heat-absorbing gizmo.

That makes the temperature of the ale drop and creates a vacuum which should keep it cold for an hour.

It's enough to bring a grown man to tears; tears of joy...


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Comments (2)

Oh, thank heavens, they're ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Oh, thank heavens, they're doing it for Coke, too, for those of us alcohol-intolerant...

I am wondering, though, what one is expected to do with the can and gizmo/gel once one finishes the beverage. Right now, we can recycle the empties; what would we do with these?

(Sorry to pee on your parade, Kevin...)


Even moreso is this: We're ... (Below threshold)

Even moreso is this: We're talking ale here, not lager. Most American beer drinkers seem to prefer their beer (lager) around 32F. The beer would already have to be around 65F to get you close.

In England, ale should be cool, not cold. Taking your ale from 80F (a much more likely room temperature) to 50F would be a dream!






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