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It Must've Been the Secret Service Agent

Maybe he should just try to master walking. This is becoming Gerald Ford-ian in nature. I just hope he blames someone else.

CONCORD, Mass. --Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry took a spill from his bicycle while riding Sunday afternoon but was not injured, a campaign official said.

Kerry was riding with Secret Service agents through Concord, about 18 miles north of Boston, when his bike hit a patch of sand and he fell, campaign officials said.

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Obviously, the patch of san... (Below threshold)

Obviously, the patch of sand is a member of the VRWC and some secret service agent was derelict in his duties by not leaping in front of Kerry before the sand attacked.

You know, Ford was ridiculed for playing football with his helmet off too many times....do you think Kerry was in Vietnam too long with his off?

Dear God in heaven... I jus... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Dear God in heaven... I just had a terrifying thought.

If ANYONE was thinking of voting for Kerry, keep this image in your mind:

Do you REALLY want to give Chevy Chase his career back for the next four years?


Yeah, its not like <a href... (Below threshold)

Yeah, its not like he fell off a machine specifically built for stability.

You are correct Oliver, but... (Below threshold)

You are correct Oliver, but his bike cost more than a Segway.

Kerry is just a DAMN idiot!... (Below threshold)

Kerry is just a DAMN idiot!!! Do you want a president that'll be on the news frequnelty becasue he's a clutz?

I sure as hell don't! Even if I was a Democrat, I wouldn't want him in office-he's too unpredictable and he can't vote on a single issue once without changing his damn mind up and making excuses for evrything he does!

uhm.... ..isnt bush the one... (Below threshold)

uhm.... ..isnt bush the one who nearly choked to death on a pretzel? and then fell off a seqwey? and then just recently crashed his bike and suffered cuts and bruises?

so uh..hey brian, do you want a president who will be in the news just because he is a klutz?

jesus christ, grow the hell up.






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