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Billionaire Boys Club

Do you know who this billionaire is?

Sergey Brin

That's Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google. He's going to be a billionaire (many times over) in the next 3 months, via the Google IPO.

Click on the picture to see his Stanford web page, and don't forget to check out original Google pages all via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Wayback in this case is relative, as 1998 is not exactly ancient history.

Hat Tip: Google Blog


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Comments (4)

Geez, first one of the Wach... (Below threshold)

Geez, first one of the Wachowski Brothers, now this guy. I guess money ain't everything, huh?

Well, now he can afford a m... (Below threshold)

Well, now he can afford a much better wig. Good for him!

Yikes! I may be poor, but a... (Below threshold)

Yikes! I may be poor, but at least I can say that I once looked GOOD in drag.

Yeah, Fritz, better to be p... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Fritz, better to be poor and look good in drag. It's the last refrain in the old Sonny & Cher tune, "we may not have much money, but we both look good in your lingerie."






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