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Sure, He's Just Eccentric

From the New York Post:

Investigators in the Michael Jackson child-sex case swooped in on a New Jersey man's memorabilia collection last month, seizing six items as evidence.

Two pairs of the self-styled King of Pop's underwear, photos and handwritten notes are among the items they took.

And that's not the weird part! Here is the weird part.

Sneddon's probers also carted off a so-called "club kit" for his "rubbers."

The name of one possible member turned up on a primitive "Rubberhead Club Portfolio" found in Vaccaro's collection.
The collection contained badges, membership cards and a multiple copies of a typewritten membership contract that laid out 14 "rules."

The "rules" required members to be "idiots and act crazy at all times;" be vegetarians who fast on Sundays and avoid drugs; watch two episodes of the Three Stooges daily; know the Peter Pan story by heart; and when seeing another member, "give the peace sign, and then half of it."

Also taken by investigators was an undated note scrawled on yellow paper in which Jackson urged his sister-in-law, known as DeDe, to read a news article on child molestation to her kids.

"It brings out how even your own relatives can be molesters of children, or even uncles or aunts molesting nephews or nieces," the note said.

The pieces of potential evidence ended up in Vaccaro's hands when he won a collection of Jacko memorabilia in a lengthy court battle.

I swear that was the plot arc on Cold Case last night.


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