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Airline Finds Loaded Gun On Plane

Good thing everyone got to the airport two hours early, waited in long screening lines, and were subject to unknown background checks...

WASHINGTON - An airline employee found a loaded 9mm handgun Monday lodged between the seats of a Continental Airlines flight after it landed at Newark airport, MSNBC.com has learned.

The plane departed from Reagan National Airport Monday morning; Reagan National is the airport most used by Washington dignitaries due to its proximity to the Capitol.

The FBI was called in to investigate and determined the weapon, a 9mm Sig-Sauer, belonged to U.S. Secret Service agent, a source familiar with the investigation told MSNBC.com. The agent declared his carry-on weapon at Reagan before boarding and was the only armed agent on board, according to a federal security employee who asked to remain anonymous.

Call me cold hearted, but a "gaffe" like this should end your career, period. If it's so damn important that you carry a loaded weapon on a commercial flight, I've got no problem endorsing a career death penalty for you if you can't remember to keep track of your weapon.

Comments (4)

Hear, hear! People this stu... (Below threshold)

Hear, hear! People this stupid/scatterbrained shouldn't be in that type of job.

Or at least reassigned to g... (Below threshold)

Or at least reassigned to guard Kerry against the evil sand patches knocking him over on his bike.

What'd he do, carry it in h... (Below threshold)

What'd he do, carry it in his bloody pocket!?

Good grief. I feel so much ... (Below threshold)

Good grief. I feel so much safer, now. And I bet dollars to donuts there won't be a reprimand.






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