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Flying First Class

Ain't what it used to be...

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) - Australian carrier Qantas said Tuesday it has changed its lettuce supplier after a passenger on a flight from Melbourne to Wellington found a live frog in her greens.

The one-inch Australian whistling tree frog didn't get a chance to hop away. The woman plunked the lid back on her meal preventing any escape.

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"Frog?" That's a funny nam... (Below threshold)

"Frog?" That's a funny name. I would've called it a "Chazzwazzer."

Well, she could have found ... (Below threshold)

Well, she could have found a gun....

What? She objected to a li... (Below threshold)
Omnibus Driver:

What? She objected to a little protein? Some places charge extra for that, you know.

I have worked in the cateri... (Below threshold)

I have worked in the catering business. I once did encounter a small very green frog in some produce (I believe that it was a case of spinach, but I can't really recall). I only tell this story to remark about what a very liberal person who shared our space said upon my discovery. This witch of a liberal Democrat, whom I always went out of my way to help (I am not religious, nor Republican, but I think that the Golden Rule is an admirable ethical policy which I try to follow), thought it funny to say that she thought that I would just kill the frog brutally and immediately (since she knew me to be a conservative, how could I do otherwise?--no hate there!). I could not listen to Limbaugh or the Black Avenger unless I was alone in the shop, but I had to endure constantly NPR or whatever lefty local station to which she and her ilk were listening (that is the liberal sense of fairness--my way or the highway even when you are merely renting space!). Since this was almost a decade ago, I assume that things are even more ridiculous now.

I released the frog in some plants in front of the building. I suppose that it was a certain death, but since the liberals offered nothing better (they assumed I would kill it immediately!), how can I be blamed? Liberals are very good about bluster and hate, but very bad about any real solutions. They generally just make me laugh, but sometimes, as with this episode, they make me angry.






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