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5 Miles, In The Snow, Uphill Both Ways..

Steven Taylor notes that students are increasingly citing blog posts in their papers, which is not a good thing. I agree that in general this is a bad trend, but I hear my investigative journalism pieces on Britney Spears have improved countless otherwise failing term papers...

Hat Tip: James Joyner

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I don't think it's necessar... (Below threshold)

I don't think it's necessarily bad. We allow students to cite, for example, personal communications in research papers. Think of it as a teaching moment--the issue of citing blogs provides an opportunity to help students understand issues related to rigor, reliability, journalistic ethics, etc.

A source isn't good or bad simply based on what medium it occurs in. There are plenty of print sources that aren't reliable or well considered; there are plenty of weblog sources that are reliable and well considered.






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