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More on the controversies de jour.

Gerard Van der Leun has news of Micah Wright losing his book deal. His publishing house is quite the collection:

Other "hot" authors touted by this bastion of fine publishing include the recently disgraced Howard Zinn, the doddering Kurt Vonnegut, convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, aging activist Angela Davis, the Huey P. Newton Reader, a collection of screeds by the quisling Robert Scheer, professional globe trotting meddler and dictator groupie Ramsey Clark, the Zapatistas (I don't mean Frank's), and the ever-popular reigning loony of left-wing fantasy land, Noam (Gen. O'Cide) Chomsky. Placed against that roster of leading anti-American Americans you can readily see why a mere pathological liar such as Micah Wright would, as they say, "add luster to the list."
When you get dropped for an ethical issue from that crew, you've accomplished quite a feat.

Laurence Simon and Bryan each take a crack at reworking Ted Rall's widely derided Pat Tillman cartoon. As Lair notes, they didn't have a very good drawing to start with.


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Leave my Kurt Vonnegut alone.






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