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Bush Is Sorry, Finally...

The words "sorry" or "apologize" seem to be George Bush's kryptonite. Today he finally managed to get the word "sorry" out of his mouth.

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush apologized Thursday for the abuse and humiliation of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. soldiers, saying the scenes of mistreatment had made Americans "sick to our stomachs."

A day after he stopped short of apologizing, Bush told Jordan's King Abdullah II: "I was sorry for the humiliation suffered by the Iraqi prisoners and the humiliation suffered by their families.

"I told him I was as equally sorry that people seeing those pictures didn't understand the true nature and heart of America," Bush said, standing in the Rose Garden alongside Abdullah.

The president's statement went beyond his comment Wednesday that the abuse of prisoners was "abhorrent" and "does not represent the America that I know."

He vowed that "wrongdoers will be brought to justice."

The day after he publicly rebuked Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld for failure to bring this issue to his attention, he rejected calls for Rumsfeld's resignation. "He is an important part of my Cabinet and he will stay in my Cabinet," Bush said.

The unspoken next line - "Unless of course I force him to tender his prewritten resignation letter."


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Comments (9)

I've never understood the f... (Below threshold)

I've never understood the fascination with making public people apologize.

Clinton can get a blow job while he is on the phone talking about troop deployments and it is OK since he apologized. Maybe it is me, but I don't get it.

Gotta agree with Paul. Plus... (Below threshold)

Gotta agree with Paul. Plus, I think in this instance, in that part of the world, it's viewed as weakness. Say you're disgusted, saddened, angry. Promise justice.....but enough with the mamby pamby apologies.

I'm not convinced of it bei... (Below threshold)

I'm not convinced of it being seen as weakness; in fact, I have read several MidEast blogs today that indicate that sorry would have gone a long ways.

I don't everyone who hears an apology from someone (elected official or not) automatically goes "Oh, it's ok."

Overall, I thought Bush did a good job to say the right things, and I am glad he added to apology.

I liked Clinton quite a bit... (Below threshold)

I liked Clinton quite a bit, but I never thought it was OK to cheat on your wife in the Oval Office and then lie about it -- apology or not. I'm not sure where you got the idea that we all just rolled over, Paul.

A public apology shows that you take personal responsibilty for whatever went wrong. It's important.

It's important if you're tr... (Below threshold)

It's important if you're truly sincere about it. That makes a difference.

Is it just me, or are you a... (Below threshold)

Is it just me, or are you all a bunch of freaking WOMEN to call this sort of thing "abuse" or god-forbid "torture"?

What a bunch or pansy-ass crybabies. Thank your great-grandmas for not raising a whole generation of crybaby girly-boys who would have moved to canada and left your sorry asses to speak german -- unless of course you are jewish, in which case you wouldn't be speaking at all...

Whatever.... (Below threshold)


Mr. Vigilance Matters, how'... (Below threshold)

Mr. Vigilance Matters, how's about I come on over to your house and sodomize you with a chemical light stick? That's what happened to some prisoners.

Judging by your anti gay material I'd assume you might not take kindly to getting anally raped. People might think you were *gasp* gay. Actually that's the same reason the used those tactics against the Muslims - shame and humiliation as a interrogation tactic.

A chem-light being no bigge... (Below threshold)

A chem-light being no bigger than my middle finger, sure, come on over if that's what rocks your boxers...

Anally Raped? Or a well-lit rectal examination? Certainly nothing more intrusive than the body cavity searches performed daily in every prison in the US.

This anit a tea-party boys and girls. Save your tears for the dead.






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