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Convention Blogging

NZ Bear reports that the DNCC will be issuing press credentials for bloggers for the Democratic National Convention in Boston. He's also trying to find out if bloggers will be credentialed at the Republican National Convention in New York. Wouldn't it be ironic if the DNCC was overwhelmed with requests and had to use the Bear's own Ecosystem to parcel out credentials?

I've been toying with the idea of heading to Boston to cover the convention. It would be fun to talk to the faithful and of course to interview some of the more colorful fringe elements. I'll be poking around to see if either convention is offering bloggers access to the media center, since filling reports from your hotel room sort of defeats the whole purpose of attending.

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That would be TOO cool. Kee... (Below threshold)

That would be TOO cool. Keep us posted.

Anyone who comes to Boston,... (Below threshold)

Anyone who comes to Boston, drop me an e-mail (I live 25 miles North of Boston). I plan to be there to protest with Free Republic, or maybe infiltrate as a blogger... who knows.






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