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Kerry Slogantor - The Products

I'm sure you were probably wondering, "what's next for the Kerry Sloganator?" Good question. The short answer is: merchandising

Next week you'll be able to buy Kerry Sloganator Gear (T-Shirts, Mouse pads, Mugs, etc.) right here. Imagine the fun you'll have up wearing an Imaginary Foreign Leaders Support John Kerry shirt like this one (a quick mockup I made - the actual shirt will look better):

Imaginary Foreign Leaders Support John Kerry

Since the merchandise is created on demand, I'll be able to offer a wide range of the best of the Kerry Sloganator.

There's also an official Wizbang T-Shirt Babe, whose identity will be revealed shortly. If you're up on the T-Shirt babe news in blogland you'll be familiar with the new spokesmodel. The Wizbang T-Shirt Babe is going to be laying the smackdown on other so called T-Shirt babes as well...

Comments (7)

Wow Kevin! What a fantasti... (Below threshold)

Wow Kevin! What a fantastic idea!!

So who's your Babe???

She's a blogger, and of cou... (Below threshold)

She's a blogger, and of course a babe. I think you're really going to like her!

Sounds like some justice wi... (Below threshold)

Sounds like some justice will be done against that mime-watching monkey-lover's rigged contest!


I hope she's hot like those... (Below threshold)

I hope she's hot like those chicks from A&F.

I'm hoping for someone toti... (Below threshold)
Steve the Llamabutcher:

I'm hoping for someone toting maximum fire-power yet with ease of maneuverability, something by Hechler & Koch perhaps....

oh yeah, and a star trek com badge---gotta have a star trek com badge!

Yes, yes, Steve. I agree. ... (Below threshold)

Yes, yes, Steve. I agree. Star Trek badge is a must. As is a terminally goofy expression.

I have to have that t-shirt... (Below threshold)

I have to have that t-shirt!!!!!!!!
That is the greatest thing I have ever seen!
You are a freakin genius!!!






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