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TiVo Alerts

Well placed sources at the network tell me that the final episode of Friends will not end at 10PM (9PM Central), rather it will go over until at least 10:06. TiVo users would be well advised to add 15 minutes to the end time of your recording. I chalk this up to unmitigated greed on the part of NBC, since 30 second ads are going for $2M a piece. In a quest to squeeze every last dime out of the franchise they must have just kept selling ads to anyone who would buy one.

Also the Survivor finale is Sunday night. If you have a TiVo season pass to Survivor the one hour special that airs immediately after the final episode will not automatically record (since it's listed as a special and under a different name). You need to manually set it to record. As with Friends the final Survivor episode has a history of spilling over the hour mark (and into the reunion special). If you don't record the reunion special you'll probably miss the announcement of the winner if you are watching the show later.

Update: I checked my To Do list and the Survivor All Star Reunion special was scheduled to be recorded - and I didn't put it there. Perhaps this season they finally got it right...


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Comments (5)

Thanks dude... BTW... (Below threshold)

Thanks dude...

BTW- I have a habit of always TiVo'ing the show after any important shows. (News Conferences etc) That way I am always covered.

My Tivos picked up both Sur... (Below threshold)

My Tivos picked up both Survivors from the Wishlist. Three cheers for getting it right...finally.

I am soooo tempted to get T... (Below threshold)

I am soooo tempted to get TIVO. They're on sale at Overstock.com for $199.00 (factory reconditioned). But, I'd just turn into more of a couch potato than I already am.

Oh man I would love to have... (Below threshold)

Oh man I would love to have a Tivo. But I'm not really into friends...

fritz DO NOT pay 200 bucks ... (Below threshold)

fritz DO NOT pay 200 bucks for a TiVo... That is just silly.

You can find MUCH better deals out there.






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