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What Ever Happened To...

Fred Durst?

The lead singer for Limpbizkit has a blog. Why on earth would he chose Xanga to host it though? CD sales must be way down...

Via: That Guy Productions

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Oh, lord. The man is a boy.... (Below threshold)

Oh, lord. The man is a boy. That's all he will ever be. A whiny, petulant boy who has somehow been given the mistaken idea that he has talent.

He is Robert Smith minus the music.

If he considers that an exa... (Below threshold)

If he considers that an example of his "expertise" in writing, then I'm Billy Friggin' Shakespeare. I can only imagine what his painting skills do to small children's psyches.

The mood music wasn't bad, though...the first time.

g. i dont no y you say his ... (Below threshold)

g. i dont no y you say his writing. sucks. i liked it. myself

you are just. too namow minded






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