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What's The Key To A Successful Sitcom?

According to the writers of the retiring show Friends, it's anal sex, oral sex, big breasts, young girls, masturbation, serial rape, and cheerleaders.

Talk about Must See TV...

Update: DiVERSiONZ reminds me that I forgot to link the read it yourself version at The Smoking Gun. It's actually much more entertaining that the CNN version. Of all the sex talk these tidbits probably explain the motivation behind the complaint:

82. Andrew Reich would shoot down and make disparaging remarks about any idea I had.

85. Adam Chase and Greg Malins told me that his recollection was that all the writers' assistants before me had gotten there name listed in the credits of the television show "Friends." I never got a credit.

So she was getting screwed over and subjected to non stop locker room behavior - hardly a surprise she filled a complaint.


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