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Friends- The Conspiracy Theory

Earlier tonight, Kevin had the scoop that Friends was going to run long so people taping (TiVo'ing) it were likely to miss the end - arguably the most important part of the show.

I did not understand NBC's reasoning for annoying millions of people who would watch it only to find they had not gotten the whole thing- until I watched Jay Leno. About half way thru his show he mentioned that NBC was putting the final episode on DVD for sale on TUESDAY.


How many people will buy an overpriced DVD so they can see the last 4 minutes of the show?

For the record I checked the timecode on the TiVo and it from what I can tell it would have stopped recording seconds after Ross and Rachel kissed.

I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that there will be news stories tomorrow about all the hacked off people. I'd be especially interested to see if everyone's TiVo's shut off BEFORE the kiss.

I'll also predict the last 4 minutes will be digitized and on the net in hours.

And if I know Kevin Aylward, he will have one of the earliest links to it.

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