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Wizbang Ultimate Survivor Contest - Update

The All Star edition of Survivor is down to 4 contestants.

Amber Brkich from "Survivor: The Australian Outback"
Rupert Boneham from "Survivor: Pearl Islands
Jenna Lewis from "Survivor: Pulau Tiga"
Rob Mariano from "Survivor: Marquesas"

So who do you think is going to be in the final two? What is the vote going to be? Who is going to win?

Closest to the actual result (i.e. - you have the final two, the vote, and the winner) will win a two week BlogAd valued at $45.

At the beginning of the season I ran the Wizbang Ultimate Survivor Contest. Of the entries received only the following players remain alive:

So Cal Lawyer - Rob Mariano
Kelley - Rupert
Morgan - Rupert

If any of these three get the winner they automatically win a free two week BlogAd.


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Comments (10)

Amber and Boston Rob in the... (Below threshold)

Amber and Boston Rob in the final two with Amber winning. Oh and Rob will only get 1 vote.

Amber and Rob in the final ... (Below threshold)

Amber and Rob in the final two, with Amber winning. Rob gets two votes.

I can smell that free ad al... (Below threshold)

I can smell that free ad already. Rob M. is a lock. Kevin, wasn't it a one-year ad for free?

Ha! That's a good one. I p... (Below threshold)

Ha! That's a good one. I picked Rob M. too before the first episode.

Jenna will cross Rupert and... (Below threshold)

Jenna will cross Rupert and he will be kicked off 4th... then Jenna will win the challenge and pick Amber to join her in the final 2 and Jenna will win by 1 vote.

I state with great pride th... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I state with great pride that I've never watched a single episode of "Survivor." For years, I was a devoted fan of "Whose Line Is It Anyway."

In that spirit, I predict the final two will be Wayne Brady and Colin Mochrie. Wayne will be the favorite, but in a shocker Colin will win.

(who's going to see Colin and Brad Sherwood in Concord, NH in a couple weeks...)

My beautiful wife and I are... (Below threshold)

My beautiful wife and I are late-comers to the Survivor phenom. For years we thought, "How stupid, I don't think so." My wife watched one episode...I sort of stopped through the living room to catch a glimpse...I actually sat down for the second episode. Okayyyyy, NOW I understand why people watch this, people at their very best and at their very worst.

Final two:

Rob and Rupert.

1 Vote

Rupert...because there is NO way Tom and Lex will let Rob win no matter how well he's played the game.

What really PISSED me off a... (Below threshold)

What really PISSED me off about Lex is that he is a hypocritical SOB.

He bragged to the camera that he was going to lie and stab someone in the back. Then he turned to his best friend and did him in. "That's just the way the game goes" was his excuse then.

Rob does the same thing to him and he gets all huffy. What an idiot.

When did the FNF guy get el... (Below threshold)

When did the FNF guy get eliminated?

How come Amber winning the ... (Below threshold)

How come Amber winning the million did not break the rule?

From cbs.com
Try to conspire to share the prize. The million dollars may be won by one and only one individual. Survivors are prohibited from sharing or making any agreement to share all or any portion of the prize.






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