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Cheap bastards...

Last week a message purportedly from Osama Bin Laden put prices on the heads of several people.

If you bag Iraq Administrator Paul Bremer or one of the top US military leaders in Iraq, you can collect about $125,000 in gold from Al Qaeda. There are lesser awards for killing others, down to about $6,000 for killing Italians, Japanese, or other Coalition member citizens in Iraq.

The reward the US is offering for the death or capture of Osama Bin Laden is currently at $50,000,000.

If nothing else, were winning the war on the economic front.


(Additional note: You can also get $125,000 if you kill UN Secretary General Kofi Annan or his representatives. I guess Al Qaeda cant tell friend from foe any more.)

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Actually we sorta learned t... (Below threshold)

Actually we sorta learned that offering 50 million might have been a mistake.

Despite our much more modest incomes, you and I can imagine getting 50 million bucks. (I'll imagine it in a few hours when I buy my powerball ticket. 205Million BTW)

Some Arab observers are making a very plausible case today that we offered too much money. Simply put, telling thee folks they will get 50 million is like telling them they can fly to the moon if they just flap their arms. They can't comprehend it.

Some people even say we should have offered more concrete goods INCLUDING DONKEYS!

Knowing the above, I found bin Laden's offer quit interesting. He is not offering cash, he is offering gold. Certainly he knows those people better than we do.

Don't be surprised if we adapt this in the future.






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