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Liberal Reaction Cycle

James Joyner does a fine job debunking Kevin Drum's wild claims about the way conservatives are reacting to the prison abuse story. But I find the liberals' response more interesting and far more telling.

The liberals are making 2 arguments simultaneously:

1) The stripping and humiliation of prisoners is so horrific that everyone involved should be fired all the way up to the Secretary of Defense.

2) John Kerry admitted to far worse war crimes including shooting civilians and burning down their villages but he should be Commander in Chief.

I'm not sure how they reconcile these 2 arguments.

Before the liberals start calling of the heads of an entire chain of command, perhaps they should tell their nominee he is unfit to serve.


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Comments (7)

I think "stripping and humi... (Below threshold)

I think "stripping and humiliation of prisoners" is trivializing what happened at Abu Ghraib quite a bit.

According to reports, two prisoners were murdered. Others were forced to masturbate and perform simulated oral sex on other prisoners. They were sodomized, urintated on, forced to pile on top of one another naked, tortured, beaten, and threatened with death.

Those are war crimes far beyond simply stripping and humiliating them. It is horrific. If you don't think so, there's something wrong with you, pal.

Bringing John Kerry into an argument about Abu Ghraib is a ridiculous red herring. If he is guilty of war crimes and you have proof of this, please report it to the authorities so he can be brought to justice. However, it doesn't have anything to do with what is happening in Iraq today.

His point isn't to triviali... (Below threshold)

His point isn't to trivialize our problems. We have indeed some people who need to be brought to justice for this. I have no doubt that they will be.

The point is that John Kerry did indeed admit to worse. Most importantly, the crimes he claims to have committed were against civilians, not enemy combatants. "If he is guilty of war crimes and you have proof of this, please report it to the authorities so he can be brought to justice." For this I refer you to John Kerry's statements on Meet the Press.

Paul is right on to point out the paradox of liberal thought on the matter. It has everything to do with Iraq today. Liberals want to simultaneously call for Rummy's head, without any evidence of fault on his part, while advocating we put a guy who openly admitted to comitting "atrocities" (his choice of terminology) in charge of the situation. Instead of saying you'll take your bike and go home, tell us how to reconcile these two points.

I don't think liberals have... (Below threshold)

I don't think liberals have ever felt the need, obligation, or pressure to reconcile hypocrisy. It's pretty much a lion fighting the skunk event. They're willing to throw enough shit at the administration, not really caring whether any of it sticks, but almost certain a stench will.

Not all of us are calling f... (Below threshold)

Not all of us are calling for Rummy's head.

I want to see more evidence before the man is summarily kicked out of office.

That said, he should have offered his resignation to Bush at the outset ... and Bush should have refused it.

Finally, Kerry is irrelevant. Outside the scope. All that matters here is what happened at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere, and what we're going to do to make it right.


Fritz, if you don't know th... (Below threshold)

Fritz, if you don't know that Kerry have repeatedly claimed he committed various war crimes then you must have been asleep.

Further it is WAY early in the ball game to say there were 2 "murders."

Get your fact straight.

And if you can't see that an admitted war criminal calling for Rummy to resign over this while he runs for commander in chief is hypocritical, I suggest a trip to the eye doctor.

Just for the sake of clarit... (Below threshold)

Just for the sake of clarity, has Kerry called for Rumsfeld's resignation? If so, I missed it.

How dare anyone question Ke... (Below threshold)

How dare anyone question Kerry's patriotism!

Well it is his response to every question that shows him for what he is.

Out to lunch friend? Kerry asked for everyones resignation up to and including Bush's.






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