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We pause for this brief commercial messageÖ

Zicam is a cold treatment medicine. It comes in lozenge, nasal gel (donít ask), and oral spray. The spray is one of the most revolting tastes Iíve ever encountered. It makes my tongue want to unhook itself from my mouth, climb out, wrap itself around my throat, and throttle me for inflicting that spray on it. My teeth grow visibly larger as my gums retract, trying desperately to hide from the spray.

Fishermanís Friend is a cough drop. It tastes vile. Itís like Altoids on steroids. The first time I took one, I had to pull over to the side of the road because my eyes were watering so badly. I once had a friend who actually LIKED them, but that friend was a moderately insane freak to begin with.

These two substances rank in the top five experiences my mouth has ever had. Iím not sure in what order Iíd put them, but those two plus the time I deep-kissed a smoker right after she finished a cigarette, some major dental work I had as a child, and the time my best friendís (now ex) wife came on to me round out the set.

All those disclaimers aside, I have to say one thing in the defense of Zicam and Fishermanís Friend: They WORK. I am recovering from an extremely nasty cold, and Iíve been dosing myself liberally with these two substances, and it is only through the grace of these to vile toxins that I am in any way functional right now.

Itís my theory that these two medicines work on the chemotherapy principle: theyíre poisons and they could kill you, but theyíll kill the cold first and youíll stop taking them before they kill you. I have absolutely no evidence to back up that notion, but Iím sticking with it.


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"...nasal gel (donít ask... (Below threshold)

"...nasal gel (donít ask),..."

I gotta know the directions for proper application. Consider it a PSA.

TC-LeatherPenguin, I got th... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

TC-LeatherPenguin, I got the spray. The gel scared me. From what I understand, it's got the consistency of Vaseline and you rub it on the inside of your nostrils. You want more details, go find out for yourself -- but don't feel obligated to share them with me. The spray's bad enough.


I have this psychological p... (Below threshold)

I have this psychological problem where I can't swallow pills. So anytime I need antibiotics, I get them in liquid form.

Holy crapola. Talk about vile. No wonder kids don't want to take their medicine when they are sick.

For the record, Zithromax tastes like liquid chalk mixed with acetone. But it works, so I drink.

Come to think of it, NyQuil isn't exactly a pleasant drink, either. Then again, I'm probably not supposed to be pouring into a cocktail glass over ice and sipping as I watch late night tv.

My last cold, I got the Zic... (Below threshold)

My last cold, I got the Zicam cherry-flavored meltaways pills you could chew, but you're not supposed to. You have to leave them on your tongue until they disappear. <insert Howard Dean imitation here>

After reading this review, the spray sounds downright tasty in comparison.

I think Zicam works pretty ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I think Zicam works pretty well too. You should have gone with the Nasal gel based on your experience with the spray. It's not bad at all.

Gee, thanks, Rodney, NOW... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Gee, thanks, Rodney, NOW you tell me that...

Yay, Jay Tea! Glad it help... (Below threshold)

Yay, Jay Tea! Glad it helped. There's plenty of clinical trial evidence that it works, too - so long as you take it quick. It works by preventing virus particles from binding to the surface of your cute little cells.

Hope you're back to 100% soon. :o)

I had the same taste reacti... (Below threshold)

I had the same taste reaction to Theraflu... they had the gall to call it 'pleasant tasting'.

Fishermans Friends are tast... (Below threshold)

Fishermans Friends are tasty!

Also, tabasco sauce is a nice drink. It clears out the sinuses.

And no, I'm not kidding!






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