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Those Darn Pseudo-Journalists

I read this with baited breath. Finally someone was speaking out...

Esteemed journalist lectures on ethics

L.A. Times Editor John Carroll spoke about journalism ethics and pseudo-journalism at the Gerlinger Lounge on Thursday.

Los Angeles Times Editor John S. Carroll delivers the annual Ruhl Lecture as part of 'Ethics Week' on Thursday

The media industry has been infested by the rise of pseudo-journalists who go against journalism's long tradition to serve the public with accurate information, Los Angeles Times Editor John S. Carroll told a packed room in the Gerlinger Lounge on Thursday.

Carroll delivered the annual Ruhl Lecture, titled "The Wolf in Reporter's Clothing: The Rise of Pseudo-Journalism in America." The lecture was sponsored by the School of Journalism and Communication.

Oh Goody... Who was he going to rip?

The New York Times for their Jayson Blair fiasco?

NYT owner Pinch Sulzberger who blamed the fiasco on his readers?

Eason Jordan and CNN who admitted to spewing Saddma's propaganda for dollars?

The NY Times's Rick Bragg who never went to the places he claimed to be reporting from?

The USA Today who let Jack Kelley make stories up for years?

Steven Glass whose pseudo-journalism was so legendary they made a movie about it?

Dateline NBC for planting explosives on a GMC truck to make it look like any impact would make it blow up?

No my friends, none of these bothered L.A. Times Editor John Carroll. None of his ire was directed at any of these pseudo-journalists.

The real villains were...

In a scathing critique of Fox News and some talk show hosts, such as Bill O'Reilly, Carroll said they were a "different breed of journalists" who misled their audience while claiming to inform them. He said they did not fit into the long legacy of journalists who got their facts right and respected and cared for their audiences.

Who didn't see that one coming?

The absolute worst threat to journalism is people who don't spew liberal dogma.

He still doesn't get it.


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Comments (10)

Regrettable, but entirely u... (Below threshold)

Regrettable, but entirely understandable. You lose perspective when you view the world with only one eye.

After reading Paul's long l... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

After reading Paul's long list of journalistic malfeasances, I went and read the referred story.

The essence of Carroll's complaint against Fox is that it's viewers scored poorly in some polls. Apparently 80% of Fox viewers believed either 1) WMDs were found in Iraq; B) definitive links have been found between Iraq and Al Qaeda; or III) the US enjoyed widespread support over the invasion of Iraq -- while only 23% of NPR listeners.

I guess Carroll was too busy to find any actual examples of Fox News' misdeeds, and decided to let numbers about it's viewers make his argument.


And both numbers are comple... (Below threshold)

And both numbers are completely understandable.

Some scholars are making the case that we have found more than enough stuff to pass the bar of what the U.N. requires. Admittedly this is the weaker of the 2 arguments.

However there was most assuredly several connections between Saddam and Al Qaeda. A fact that apparently 75% of NPR listeners are oblivious to.

Isn't Carroll the same man ... (Below threshold)

Isn't Carroll the same man that keeps publishing and paying Robert Scheer?

Whew! I was sure he was goi... (Below threshold)

Whew! I was sure he was going to blame bloggers.

huh- It is doubtful he even... (Below threshold)

huh- It is doubtful he even knows what a blogger is.

Iraq's WMDs have been found... (Below threshold)
sammy small:

Iraq's WMDs have been found...in Jordan! Of course NPR listeners would never know that since it flies in the face of their long held journalistic ethical position which they refuse to back down from.

J. --Regarding your comment... (Below threshold)

J. --Regarding your comment "Carroll was too busy to find any actual examples of Fox News' misdeeds", Mr. Carroll did in fact cite several examples of Fox News' innacuracies in his speech, the transcript of which you can read at http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/la-050604ruhllecture_lat,0,7352952.story

The statistics cited during the speech were far from "The essence of Carroll's complaint against Fox". Among other things, Mr. Carroll took issue with the fact that Bill O'Reilly alleged that the Los Angeles Times only attacked Republicans and that the paper had failed to cover Bill Clinton's "Troopergate" when in fact the paper had published the first Troopergate story to appear in any newpaper. Doesn't Mr. O'Reilly have a staff for fact-checking?

And Paul -- if you actually believe that there is a connection between Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden then you've been watching too much Fox News. Only after Hussein has fallen is there a reason for Al Qaeda to be interested in Iraq.

Does C.J stand for 'Clueles... (Below threshold)

Does C.J stand for 'Clueless Jones"? The Connection between AQ and Saddam is terrorism. Saddam supported terrorism for decades. OBL is a terrorist. If this doesn't meet your criteria, then you need a clue, C.J.
And you quibble about an obscure article that no one every read, while The LA Times launched an assault on Anhuld that was nothing short of criminal.
Here is the clincher. If it was one of G.W. Bush's chlidren that was neck deep in the UN Oil for fraud scam, instead of Koffi Annan's son, which story would be front page now, the UN scam or torturegate? What the morooons of the Liberal media don't seem to understand is that their monopoly on 'news' has been broken. The more effort they spend trying to smear President bush, the stonger he gets. The last 6 months of brutal attacks will be wiped out by the first good news from Iraq. And there is no way that news can be buried by the mainstream media. Thanks to the internet, I communicate more with my child in Iraq then I do with the ones that are still here in the states. The LA Time and it's ilk are going the way of buggy whips and the Dodo.

In a way you're right, able... (Below threshold)

In a way you're right, ableiter. While the "liberal media" has never had a "monopoly" on news, it's easier today than ever before to get news from more than one source. The point I was trying to make to "J" was that he (she?) should spend a little less time jumping to conclusions based on a single article. I gave the URL for the transcript so that he (and you) could read the various examples that Mr. Carroll cited -- the "assault on Anhuld" was among them. I encourage you to read the speech for yourself.

I don't dispute that Saddam Hussein supported terrorism and Osama Bin Laden is a terrorist, however that does not mean they are linked. If it were simply a matter of Iraq harboring terrorists (in general) and Bin Laden being a terrorist, then why didn't we invade Sudan, which actually did harbor Bin Laden?

I too am disappointed in the mainstream media for their coverage of the situation in Iraq and I go out of my way to find the good news from Iraq. Unfortunately I doubt it will wipe out the past six months of brutal attacks.






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