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Survivor Surprise

Spoiler protected. If you haven't watched don't keep reading...

Amber and Rob in the final two was not a big surprise, but Rob pulling out an engagement ring, then getting 3 votes was a surprise. Shiann showed her hand a few weeks ago, saying Amber was the "flying under the radar" player. She was the swing vote, and was rewarded by Amber with a car.

The big twist - another million dollar prize will be awarded this Thursday in another live show. This prize will be based on Internet and text messaging votes (very American Idol of them, BTW). Cast you vote here.

Survivor All-Stars did not disappoint...

Comments (8)

I think it is hard to dispu... (Below threshold)

I think it is hard to dispute that this was the best one yet.

And I confirmed 2 things tonight. Richard Hatch is the smartest one up there and Lex is a whining sniveling cry baby.

When they announced they wo... (Below threshold)

When they announced they would have fan voting for another million you could hear some of the All-Stars on stage saying, "It's Rupert!"
I don't think the vote is even going to be close.

Indeed. My wife said, "Let'... (Below threshold)

Indeed. My wife said, "Let's vote for Rupert!"

I voted for Rupert.... (Below threshold)

I voted for Rupert.

Umm...I did too. (My wife ... (Below threshold)

Umm...I did too. (My wife asked who I was voting for and I told her Jerri. For some reason she didn't believe me.)

I, too , was going to vote ... (Below threshold)

I, too , was going to vote for Rupert until my wife called and said she saw Rudy's plea on the Today Show. If he wins the million ... he is giving half to the Widows Fund of Soldiers who have been lost in the Iraqi War.

Lex is a tool.Mari... (Below threshold)

Lex is a tool.

Mariano played them like a $2 scratch ticket. They need to get over it.

He totally dominated the game. Shoulda won. And he shouldn't have got all wussy at the the end there with his little apology speech. Sheesh, be a man, buddy.

I figured if Rob made it to... (Below threshold)

I figured if Rob made it to the final two, they would have rewarded him for playing the game well (like Soft Porn Brian from Thailand).

I haven't watched the videos or voted on the second million dollars yet. I'm torn between Kathy and the Shii Devil.






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