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Meet The Wizbang T-Shirt Babe

Meet Willow, Wizbang's Official T-Shirt Babe, and the spokesmodel for the forthcoming line of Kerry Sloganator merchandise.

Willow, the Whomping Wizbang T-Shirt Babe

You might remember Willow as the runner up in the IMAO T-Shirt Babe Contest. The winner, SarahK, has already thanked her fans. The people's champion Willow is not dwelling on the *wink, wink* official results, instead she has answered the challenge to once and for all destroy IMAO. The form of the destruction is purely capitalistic; the Kerry Sloganator line (with Willow as spokesmodel) will outsell the IMAO T-Shirt collection (such that is is). Both T-Shirt Babes will be judged by their product pushing skills. The most shirts sold wins. Minor details like the contest period and prize are still to be determined, but there's no reason that should distract from a good old fashion T-Shirt Babe fight, right?

Willow, the Whomping Wizbang T-Shirt Babe is gunning for SarahK the IMAO T-Shirt Babe. Let the fur fly and the best T-Shirt Babe win.

Stay tuned...


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Comments (5)

You must be Facist McFacist... (Below threshold)
El Jefe:

You must be Facist McFacist! There was no 'contest' to decide a winner!

Although, you do have EXCELLENT taste.

Hot Dang! She's so ... (Below threshold)

Hot Dang! She's so much hotter on your site than on IMAO...

Y'all are too kind..... (Below threshold)

Y'all are too kind...I shall do you proud.

Another inspiring photo. T... (Below threshold)
Dave in Texas:

Another inspiring photo. This woman has talent!

The fact that she's wearing... (Below threshold)

The fact that she's wearing a shirt with the Starfleet logo on it in that pic is another major turn on...*drool*...she and Sarahk should have settled the dispute with bikini mudwrestling.






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