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A Gift For Me

I don't know why I forgot to ask for this earlier...

If anyone has a Gmail invite (or two) they would like to send me, I'd be most appreciative. The e-mail address in at the top of the left sidebar.

I'm planning on moving my comment notification e-mail traffic to Gmail. Of course I have to have an account to pursue that strategy.

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I must admit this is a biza... (Below threshold)

I must admit this is a bizarre strategy on the part of Google. Either they want this to be a mass program or they don't. What's with this "application" and "invitation" crap?

According to their FAQ, "Gm... (Below threshold)

According to their FAQ, "Gmail is still in preview mode as we test it to work out the kinks. So for now, it's not generally available."

I tried the begging approac... (Below threshold)

I tried the begging approach and it really didn't work. A couple people promised, but then Google took the invite tool off Gmail and Blogger. Supposedly they were thwarting the eBay-ification of the accounts.

It's called teasing James. ... (Below threshold)

It's called teasing James. How do you create buzz about another in a long, long line of free email services?

You tease people by saying they can't have it. They'll knock down your door.

To wit: Kevin. :)... (Below threshold)

To wit: Kevin. :)

why do you want a email acc... (Below threshold)

why do you want a email account from Google?
- for starters, it is beta, so the project might be cancelled, data destroyed, etc. at any time.
- Google has shown (like M$) to be ineffective at anything outside their core business (search engine and ads that use that search engine). Froogle sucks. Orkut is okay, but not very exciting. Google local is okay, but does not outperform a "phonebook" or anywho etc etc etc.
- they search your email for key words to serve you ads. this may change if it is officially released, but i would be hesitant about emailing anyone with a gmail account if i had something important or confidential to say.

just some thoughts...

I just found you and I am n... (Below threshold)

I just found you and I am not sure what you're saying and why, but I'm loving the intelligent conversation and wit. Thanks!

why is there a banner/add t... (Below threshold)

why is there a banner/add thats for a book ''How to talk to a liberal'' liberals are 5 times smarter than conservitives?






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