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Idol Viewers not racist... They're stupid!

Elton John made a stink over American Idol viewers being racist.

He was wrong.

*** Spoiler protected

They're stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. With a capital "S" and that rhymes with Stupid and that stands for Stupid.

Tonight they voted off La Toya London.

La Toya was so much better than anyone there it was almost painful to listen to some of the others. Simon repeatedly called her the best of the group. There was no question. Paula Abdul and that Randy guy gave her a standing ovation last week. Abdul cried tonight when they announced she lost.

It is sickening to think that people voted for Jasmin Treeass and Diana DeGarmo over La Toya and Fantasia Barrino. Do you people not have ears?

The only saving grace is that one day La Toya London will win a grammy and 20 years from now VH-1 will run a special on American Idol finalists that never had a hit and Jasmin Treeass will be the topic of a 5 minute segment.

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You must really be angry to... (Below threshold)

You must really be angry to post this four times, Paul. :)

Yeah and I made the same da... (Below threshold)

Yeah and I made the same damn typo all 4 times!

I am having a ton of trouble hitting the server. It kept telling me that it had not gone when it apparently had.

Kevin must be having better luck because the other 3 posts disappeared and he was smart enough to put up a spoiler alert. (lesson learned)

Sigh- I opened a bottle of wine an hours ago and still have not caught up to it. I'm outta here. ;-)


i'm thinking 5 minutes is a... (Below threshold)

i'm thinking 5 minutes is a bit excessive for Jasmine's VH-1 segment. bleck. give her 30 seconds, and please, no sound clips.

but i actually think Fantasia and Diana have been bringin' it more lately than Latoya; however, there was NO WAY she should have gone home tonight. she'll get a record contract anyway, though.

People like you (people who... (Below threshold)

People like you (people who know nothing about music) piss me off. Fantasia - HORRIBLE VOICE! She's very unique, but being unique doesn't make her a good singer. The only time I actually heard a quality voice was this week.
Jasmine is absolutely horrible. GOD, her breathing while singing drives me nuts.
It's sad, but LaToya was great. Unfortunately, she didn't have a whole lot in the "personality" department - meaning she was classy, but not a single teenage mother with a way out there personality. She also had a problem with the mechanics of breathing while singing (her shoulders went up, and they shouldn't). I think she was also sick this week. But look at it this way - Tamyra was voted out first season, she has a career, Kimberly was voted out second season, and she has a career, and Jennifer was already voted out this season, and she's going to get a career. There's no worry here for LaToya.
But Diana...oh, Lord, Diana. She started out clearly ahead of the others, then fell behind when she got sick. But the girl is back in full force. She has the best powerhouse pipes in the whole competition (now that Jennifer's out). It should have been her and LaToya in the top two, but we all know how smart the voting public is. That and Jasmine cried.

And about people saying the... (Below threshold)

And about people saying the viewers are racist: Well, I only see one "caucasian" person. That looks more like racism to me than an African American getting voted off.

Racist, Stupid, or manipula... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Racist, Stupid, or manipulative. It doesn't really matter they picked the wrong one. At this point though the only real loser could be the show if Jasmine goes on to win. The show would lose credibility of actually picking an American Idol. The other three could all arguably be considered 'Idol' material, and will go on the 'huge' contracts somewhere. The initial Million dollars will only be a blip in their career earnings.

I'd like to know from the that show, who already has greater career earnings, Clay or Rueben.

It truly is a shame, though, that people are voting for something other than personality and singing talent.

Amanda how the HELL do you ... (Below threshold)

Amanda how the HELL do you know what I know about music? Grow up.

I'm not in love with Fantasia's voice.. It ain't my style. But she is the second best one up there.... Well, now she is the best.

Diana might be able to catch her on a good day but I ain't seen that day yet.

That Jasmine Treeass is still up there should be considered a crime against humanity.

BTW Amanda- I'd developed a... (Below threshold)

BTW Amanda- I'd developed a teaching method for teaching music (not an instrument mind you, but music) to children at a young age. I have a 7 year old that can listen to a song on the radio and play it on a piano with her eyes closed. I know a wee bit about the subject.

What has America done? She ... (Below threshold)

What has America done? She puts on a show on Tuesday, crying her eyes out, and then when she finds out she's safe, she smirks like she deserved to be there?

God help us if the same tone-deaf, stupid idiots who voted for this girl who didn't even belong in the top four get a hold of a ballot on November 2.

I'm talking singing mechani... (Below threshold)

I'm talking singing mechanics...Jasmine is the worst, but Diana is arguably the best. Fantasia is Macy Gray with a slightly better voice. The sound of her voice masks the fact that she has barely any range whatsoever.
LaToya had a range, but lacked in personality...she and Jennifer both will end up being Whitney Houstons...Diana is a little girl with a big voice...and Jasmine is just a little girl.
And we all know Fantasia will go next week only because she's a single teenage mother, and FOX wouldn't allow that to be their American Idol.

I had predicted to my daugh... (Below threshold)

I had predicted to my daughter several weeks ago that the final two would be LaToya and Fantasia, and probably Jasmine as the third. Last week Diana's performance threw my predictions into a loop, then after Tuesday's performance, Jasmine was obviously (to me) far behind the rest of the pack, and Diana had clearly placed herself in strong contention for the top.

The vote was a travesty, but I can't complain. I didn't vote, so I can only observe that the voters were either prejudiced by outside factors, or unbelievably stupid.

Why the hell do people auto... (Below threshold)

Why the hell do people automatically accuse and create this bullshit on racisim and any other segregated issue surrounding this show..? I guess people are unware that last year a black man won the whole competition and this year, I don't believe there is one full race white person left. Latoya was the best there..bottom line. Something is fucked up with society and americans when they vote people that honestly have a..yes unique voice, but terrible terrible sound. The other two, the jap and the mexican girl just suck period.

Latoya forever, and praise hitler

I think Diana is Italian, n... (Below threshold)

I think Diana is Italian, not Mexican. And I think Jasmine is Hawaiian, not Japanese.
Yes, Jasmine is bad...but she doesn't suck.
Diana has a good voice, good stage presence, but she's just too bubble gum sweet.
However, Fantasia is the one that stands out to me in a negative way. She seems to have a bad attitude, and her unique voice is automatically assumed to be good, when it is really just unique.






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