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Jew Googlebomb Stalled

The Googlebomb (deliberate mass linking to raise the Google Page Rank of a site) that aimed to topple the anti-semitic site Jew Watch from the top of the Google search results for the term Jew has stalled.

Wired notes that Wikipedia held the top for the term Jew spot in April, but now Jew Watch has regained the top ranking.

If you want to knock Jew Watch and out of the top spot, link the word Jew to:



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Comments (3)

Put it in the footer of you... (Below threshold)

Put it in the footer of your individual archive template. That'll put it out there a whole buncha times.

The new GoogleBlog addresse... (Below threshold)

The new GoogleBlog addresses this here.

Uhhh, Ummmm. If someone, or... (Below threshold)

Uhhh, Ummmm. If someone, or many someone wanted to get serious about it. Everyone would sign on one day and instead of using regular nicks in comments would use the nick Jew, and set the homepage as the wikepedia refference halo scans comments being pulled up so often help drive up a word refference linkage in all search engines.

I think what I said was have a Jew day. Everyone named Jew. All links set to Wikopedia. The more comments, the more time the comments are opened the faster it'll move up.






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