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Now That's What I Call Engineering!

Janine Newberry, right and Karen McKay model two new backless and strapless bikinis, on the King's Road in Chelsea London Wednesday May 12, 2004. The new bikinis are designed for sunbathing avoiding the marks caused by straps . They and are held in place with a gel compound at the sides. They will retail for US$ 43. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

Being a bikini engineer may not pay as well as other specialties, but the benefits are great!

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stupid me- I went electrica... (Below threshold)

stupid me- I went electrical - Dummy Dummy Dummy

What's holding up that blue... (Below threshold)

What's holding up that blue top? Surface tension? Anti-gravity rays? City ordinances? Perspiring minds want to know!

A few years ago, I read an ... (Below threshold)

A few years ago, I read an article that was specifically about ridiculous bikinis that had been designed over the years. One of them was very similar to this backless number. It was an early design from the late 1960s.

The bra has to be attached with adhesive. Imagine gluing something on like that and going to the beach. You'll never see this outside of a catalog and it isn't something that would make a great gift for your female partner, guys. She'll show it to her girlfriends for a laugh, but it won't ever get worn -- even in private.

This is NOT sexy! Removing it would be like taking off a Bandaid. "Ouch! Honey, that hurts...stop! The tape is stuck to my nipple! Now I've got a headache!"

If I were on that beach, sh... (Below threshold)

If I were on that beach, she wouldn't need adhesive to hold it up. My luck would do the trick nicely. She'd be able to play volleyball, do jumping jacks or cartwheels -- it would never budge.

Until I looked away.

McGehee, it is the same kin... (Below threshold)

McGehee, it is the same kind of luck that ensures that I'll be standing in the beer line at a game when I hear the deafening roar of the crowd and the announcer say, "That's an all-time record, folks! You'll never see a play like that again in your lifetime!"

If I would have stayed in s... (Below threshold)

If I would have stayed in school...........................

I just wish we'd had benefi... (Below threshold)

I just wish we'd had benefits like that back when I was working for a company that made ultrasonic breast scanners.






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