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Radio Daze

Dean Esmay got bit by the radio bug. He and James Joyner did about 30 minutes with Cam Edwards on his radio show.

Now Dean says, "Radio's fun. I want my own show!"

I've thought for a while that blogs were going to suck up many aspects of talk radio so he may one day get his wish.

The topic was bloggers getting media credentials but it soon expand to be a blogosphere vs the 'old media' comparisons. The fact that discussion is still taking place shows how far the blogosphere has to go. That fact that it is even being discussed shows how far it has come.


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Dear Paul:I am ver... (Below threshold)

Dear Paul:

I am very upset at the fact that the federal government has the nerve to sensor me. I'm an adult and do not need big brother to look out for me I'm not in need of being coddled.
Is there a chance to get a copy of this NICK BERG video? I'm a big boy and can handle anything a video can deliver. I've spent many a night in ER's helping to put people back together after horrible accidents.







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