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Temporary Difficulties

Wizbang has experienced availability issues today under a much heavier than usual visitor load (i.e. 10,000 visitors an hour). Hosting Matters is monitoring the situation and will take corrective action as necessary.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update: I've moved the blogrolls to separate pages to speed page loads.


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Comments (18)

My incoming traffic spiked ... (Below threshold)

My incoming traffic spiked yesterday from my typical 500 hits to a sudden peak of over 6,000 ... all from search engine hits related to Nick Berg's murder. The meter continues to spin.

LGF is reporting something similar, and says a good chunk of his traffic spike is coming from the Persian Gulf. Mine's all U.S. traffic, for what it's worth.

I wonder what impact this'll have in the long run, after the flood has passed and everyone's seen the video? Take your pick of subjects: American resolve in the war, blogs vs. old media, presidential politics, the "peace" movement, tolerance for "moderate" muslims ... lots o' stuff to think about here.

I had a mere 45,000 visitor... (Below threshold)

I had a mere 45,000 visitors yesterday. It's into InstaPundit like numbers now at 10,000 an hour.

Kevin,I had 30K+ for... (Below threshold)

I had 30K+ for the midnight to 1 am hour according to sitemeter.

It's a blog tsunami. I won... (Below threshold)

It's a blog tsunami. I wonder what other sites are getting swamped, besides blogs and the servers hosting the video. Any ideas about what the huge spike means, if anything?

Would the Internet Traffic ... (Below threshold)

Would the Internet Traffic Report site that shows worlwide traffic trends have any useful data?

I forget the URL - it's been awhile since I've visited it.

<a href="http://www.singles... (Below threshold)

Adam posts that he is experiencing the same thing.

I would just like to say ag... (Below threshold)

I would just like to say again, thank you for posting this video. It was absolutely awful, but absolutely necessary. Not even the most graphic description can convey the true horror and absolute brutality of this heatless act.

We all need to see this and fully understand the absolute hate this animals have for us.

Again, thank you.

I had 30k overnight and am ... (Below threshold)

I had 30k overnight and am over my bandwidth. Too bad, the comments were just getting good.

I agree with Tom above, thanks for posting the video Kevin.

Tsunami is the word all rig... (Below threshold)

Tsunami is the word all right. Even I'm getting a traffic spike, all because I linked to posts here (with minimal comment). Even the hits I'm getting via Jeff Quinton are because he linked my post that links the posts here.

I could pass 100,000 unique visits today or tomorrow if this keeps up.

I've had 175,000 visitors i... (Below threshold)

I've had 175,000 visitors in the today alone, and we are only 9 hours into the day.

I'm at 182,495 for the just... (Below threshold)

I'm at 182,495 for the just over 9 hours of today so far.

(Not that I'm taking credit... (Below threshold)

(Not that I'm taking credit but...) That video is actually on my server. (a lot of people missed that I updated the post.)

Anyway, since about 5 minutes after I put the link up the server has melted. The line is (was) running at 102% of capacity for the last 2 days. I forget, but so far it is about 60GB of transfer. (and climbing even as I type)

I've been thinking about putting together some stats when it was all over.

oops, I forgot. Thanks for ... (Below threshold)

oops, I forgot. Thanks for posting the video Paul. 60gb in 2 days . . . damn.

Now I'm at over 202,000 vis... (Below threshold)

Now I'm at over 202,000 visits so far today.

Well thats certainly someth... (Below threshold)

Well thats certainly something to be proud of thats for sure. You might point some of them over to the latest version of Blogger Survivor.. I need contestants.

I wonder if there's a gener... (Below threshold)

I wonder if there's a general "rising tide" of blog reading going on. I haven't posted anything in my blog about the beheading (except peripherally, taking care to not use the victim's name or describe the murderous act). And at any rate, I only put that up less than an hour ago.

Anyway, I'm getting about 50% more traffic (hits, visits and unique visits) than average today. A (very) few are referrals, but most are not.

I'm bemused. As usual.

I've got the video on my se... (Below threshold)

I've got the video on my server as well. Feel free to link to it as a backup to your own copies if it will help. I haven't really experienced a lot of traffic on it so I should be fine.


I just ask that you link to the post instead of directly to the video.

Boyd and Rob great minds th... (Below threshold)

Boyd and Rob great minds think alike.

Check my top post.






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