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Are you sure she was never on Diff'rent Strokes?

I have a confession to make.

God help me, I used to watch the show "Family Matters."

Somewhere around here, I even still have on tape the episode that ended with Urkel and Myra playing Dueling Accordians.

But I always wondered what happened to Jaimee Foxworth. Her character, Judy Winslow went upstairs at the end of one season and was never heard from again. But I was always curious what the actress went on to do.

Now I know... porn.

Update: Here are two pictorial samples of her "work" (NSFW).


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Comments (9)

Kevin, can't you find a top... (Below threshold)

Kevin, can't you find a topic for your blog and stick with it? ;)

You watched "Family Matters... (Below threshold)

You watched "Family Matters?" Lord, next you'll admit you thought that "Full House" was the ultimate in sitcom entertainment.

I feel so dirty now.

That she also made an appea... (Below threshold)

That she also made an appearance on Sherman Helmsley's "Amen" makes it all the funnier.

I always thought it was fun... (Below threshold)

I always thought it was funny how she just disappeared.

Kevin - my apologies for th... (Below threshold)

Kevin - my apologies for that first comment. Apparently someone has decided to impersonate me in the comments sections of other blogs.

No worries. Plus I didn't ... (Below threshold)

No worries. Plus I didn't write it :-).

i was watching a show on VH... (Below threshold)

i was watching a show on VH1 regarding child actors. i am not sure why Jaimee was ousted from the show. She admits that life was tough and she couldnt get an acting job therefore resorting to porn.

What ever happened to Kia G... (Below threshold)

What ever happened to Kia Goodwin the little girl "tiffany" of "227"?

She also just dissapeared without a trace just like judy (jaimee foxworth) from family matters.

These show's shouldn't leave us (the viewer's)hanging like that!

If you wanna know what happ... (Below threshold)

If you wanna know what happen with Jaimee Foxworth, look for "Crave" in internet. She bacame an porno actress






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