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Coming Soon!

Breaking news in the world of celebrity porn from The Sun:

Film beauty Demi Moore is devastated after discovering that X-rated snaps of her and toyboy lover Ashton Kutcher have been stolen.

The pictures were on a laptop nicked from the Hollywood Hills home of Ashton's friend Adam Goldberg.

The couple are worried that the images will appear on the internet like heiress Paris Hilton's infamous sex video.

A police spokesman said the photos were of Ashton, 26, and 41-year-old Demi in "compromising positions".

Looks like they got Punk'd...


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Comments (14)

If one exposed breast reviv... (Below threshold)

If one exposed breast revived Janet Jackson's sagging career, just think what the matched set will do for Demi's!

Why were the pictures on a ... (Below threshold)

Why were the pictures on a laptop at his FRIEND's home?

How come I don't have frien... (Below threshold)

How come I don't have friends like that?

why were they on any laptop... (Below threshold)

why were they on any laptop, period?

that said, celebrity porn beats fake soldier porn, hands down...
wait; forget the hand thingie....

Yes, they're afraid it migh... (Below threshold)

Yes, they're afraid it might wind up just like the Hilton video providing all kinds of free publicity. Or maybe I'm just a cynic? Does Demi or Ashton have a movie coming out soon?

Maybe what they're afraid o... (Below threshold)

Maybe what they're afraid of is everybody finding out Ashton didn't know what to do with 'em.

I'll just go stand in my corner now. Again.

Word of advice...D... (Below threshold)

Word of advice...

Don't pose for a picture that you'd be ashamed to have your children (or future children) see.

Good advice, Fritz. It goe... (Below threshold)

Good advice, Fritz. It goes double if you are in the public eye.

Ok - show of hands: How ma... (Below threshold)

Ok - show of hands: How many people reading this currently have "compromising" pictures of themselves and their SO on a "friend's" laptop? You, there, in the back?

...thought so.

Given how Moore's career ha... (Below threshold)

Given how Moore's career has been languishing, I have to wonder if there might be more to this than meets the eye. Seems like I heard once that "There's no such thing as bad publicity." Hmm...

Hmm. Demi Moore nudie pics... (Below threshold)
Richard McEnroe:

Hmm. Demi Moore nudie pics leaked to the internet.

*Michael* Moore nudie pics, not so good...

Ummm . . . she's announcing... (Below threshold)
Michelle Dulak:

Ummm . . . she's announcing to the world that these photos exist before they even surface? Is that not just a little . . . odd? And the comment that the thief probably has no idea what's on the computer — well, I suppose he does now if he didn't before. (It would be rich if he'd just wiped the hard drive in preparation for hocking the thing before he opened his copy of the Sun, but somehow I don't think that's what happened here.)

Where can I find these pict... (Below threshold)
Ron Washburn:

Where can I find these pictures?

Absolutely disgusting that ... (Below threshold)
Alex Bensky:

Absolutely disgusting that anyone would even think to post pictures of the buff Ms. Moore on the internet if the pictures were not intended for public display.

If they do make it to the internet, please help your readers understand the situation by posting them for us.






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