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Sorry for the light posting today. It's been a particularly shitty day for me to try to write. Why?

  1. I had a full day of client meetings with no Internet access.
  2. The new baby has been fussing for the last 3 hours (most of the night).
  3. Every moment I'd allocated to read and write was occupied with getting my page to load.
  4. I've got hundreds of unread e-mails
  5. Wizbang is still getting deluged in traffic. Wizbang had 3 times the traffic of InstaPundit today (half a million visitors in one day).
I know Wizbang has done a lot of coverage on the Nick Berg murder, which has made for a darker mood here the last few days. Things will lighten up eventually.

In regards to the previous post - regardless of the details that emerge about the man's politics or associations nothing changes the fact that his death is a tragic outrage.

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Start Christmas shopping fo... (Below threshold)

Start Christmas shopping for you gift to Hosting Matters this year, Kevin - we mirrored the Berg video at Silent Running - it got hit more than 5000 times in under 4 hours (in the middle of the night!), pushed us over our daily bandwidth allocation, and our host pulled the plug on us.

Server stats showed over 5.1 GB of traffic pushed...

I've burned through 107 GB ... (Below threshold)

I've burned through 107 GB this month.

What kind of deal with Sata... (Below threshold)

What kind of deal with Satan did you do to get traffic like that?

I'm still ahead of you in t-shirt sales competition, though.






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