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They're Still Coming...

The video links have been updated.

Update: This will be the last of the traffic report posts, unless there are serious connection problems for Wizbang. Hosting Matters seems to have the bandwidth issues address (they scrub their network for sites hosting the video), and the connection problems seemed to have stabilized.


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Comments (3)

Yes, people are still looki... (Below threshold)

Yes, people are still looking for the video, aren't they? In fact, someone came to my blog after typing in the search terms "head of nick berg pics." Awful. Of course, when they get to my site, they get to read why we shouldn't watch the video and what's wrong with Wizbang's posting it (and links to it). Anyway, I see you're continue to perpetuate tabloid-style blogging...the Demi Moore post only confirms that for me, even more. Wizbang...an empty noise.

Uh-oh, Kev. Somebody in the... (Below threshold)

Uh-oh, Kev. Somebody in the blogosphere doesn't like the decisions you make about what to post.

How will you ever look at yourself in the mirror now?

(Urk. I think I sprained my sarcasm muscle with that one.)

Tabloids are filled with li... (Below threshold)

Tabloids are filled with lies and exaggerations. Wizbang has posted something that is the absolute, unadorned and unedited truth. If you don't want to see it, fine. Feel free even to attempt to convince people they shouldn't see it either. But for the love of Freedom...Get over it you canuck.

Oops, I think I pulled my angry mussle...it's been busy lately.






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