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Kerry Talking to Imaginary Foreign Leaders... Again!

When 4 year olds have imaginary friends it is cute. When potential leaders of the free world have imaginary friends it is sorta creepy. The fact Kerry did not learn his lesson the first time is down right scary.

Europe Offers Help Privately, Kerry Says

Senator says nations alluded to sending more troops to Iraq 'given the right statesmanship.'

WASHINGTON Sen. John F. Kerry said Friday that despite public declarations from France and other European countries that they would not send troops to Iraq, there were indications some of the nations would be willing to change course with the right diplomatic effort.

"There are senators and diplomats who have had conversations with other folks that I think indicate that given the right equation, given the right statesmanship and leadership it is possible to have a very different level of participation," Kerry said Friday at his Washington campaign headquarters.

"I know what the public statements are today," the presumed Democratic presidential nominee added. "It doesn't deter me one iota from saying what I say, based on what my private conversations have been."

Earlier this week, France's new foreign minister said his country would never send French troops to Iraq, even as part of a peacekeeping mission.

No word what restaurant he was dining at when the offer for troops came in.


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Comments (4)

Paul, you might want to fix... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Paul, you might want to fix the spelling of "Foreign" in the title... then delete this comment.

J. (soi-disant Wizbang spelling narc)

crud- For some reason the s... (Below threshold)

crud- For some reason the spell checker in by browser does not work in the title field of the posts.

Not that the title is important or anything.


Oooh... "private conversati... (Below threshold)

Oooh... "private conversations" he has had! Senator John Kerry must be a very strong, powerful and well-connected man! Ok, I guess in some technical sense he is but that sort of statement is still sounds laughable.

I think this is scary on a ... (Below threshold)

I think this is scary on a lot of levels. 1. If it is true there are leaders of other countries trying to influence the outcome of the election. 2. If it is true or not Kerry believes that the promise of French troops in Iraq will translate into votes.






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