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Movie trivia

Iíve always been a trivia buff. Iíve often said that the more useless and without practical application a fact is, the greater the chance I know it. This is one trivia question I actually claim to have discovered on my own.

Itís rare for people to be successful in two fields, and rarer still in three. There are exactly three people who can claim to have been successful standup comics, TV series stars, and have won Oscars for dramatic performances in movies. Who are they?

A gold-plated No-Prize to the first person to post all three names.


Update: well, that's a blow to my ego. Not only does it take less than 3 hours to get all three names (even though I posted it at quarter to five in the morning, Eastern Standard Time, on a weekend), Lair finds two more possibilities. I'm gonna weasel like hell, though; I don't think Art Carney ever actually did standup, and George Burns won his Oscar for The Sunshine Boys, a comedy. And David, IMDB doesn't list Red Buttons as starring in a TV series.

Update #2: Red Buttons makes it, too. "The Double Life of Henry Fyfe," in 1966; Oscar for Sayonara, 1957. Thanks, Ken. This is SO embarassing...

My intended answers in the extended section.

Tom Hanks: "Bosom Buddies," "Philadelphia" and Forrest Gump.
Robin Williams: "Mork and Mindy," "Good Will Hunting"
Whoopi Goldberg: "Whoopi," "The Whoopi Goldberg Show," "Hollywood Squares," and "Ghost."

(sigh) sic transit gloria.

Comments (8)

Robin Willliams must be one... (Below threshold)

Robin Willliams must be one.

No partial credit, Michele.... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

No partial credit, Michele. I'm only acknowledging the first person to get all three.


Robin Williams is easy. Sam... (Below threshold)

Robin Williams is easy. Same with the second one: the legendary George Burns.

As for the third, not so easy. James Broadbent didn't really do standup as much as he did stage acting. Was Helen Hunt ever standup? Sally Field?

Tempting to say Whoopi Goldberg. She might claim that the new Hollywood Squares was her venture and concept.

Forget Whoopi. It's Art Carney.

Damn... I didn't think of G... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Damn... I didn't think of George Burns. I had three others in mind. But I just did some digging -- was Art Carney ever a successful standup comic?


What about Tom Hanks?... (Below threshold)

What about Tom Hanks?

Did he ever do stand up?


Robin Williams, George Burn... (Below threshold)

Robin Williams, George Burns, and Red Buttons.

I believe Red Buttons starr... (Below threshold)
Ken S:

I believe Red Buttons starred in a short-lived comedy series called "The Secret Life of Henry Fyfe" where he played a spy.

Robin Williams, Whoopi Gold... (Below threshold)

Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, George Burns.

I forgot Whoopi won a statue for Ghost.






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