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Upgrade Hell

Kevin McGehee decided to upgrade blogoSFERICS from MT 2.661 to MT 3.0.

It has not gone well...

He's stuck in the MT .339 range where nothing works quite right and you can't go backward (MT 2.661) and don't want to go forward (MT 3.0).

In other news on the release of MT 3.0 - Six Apart is dancing as fast as they can, pMachine is giving away 1000 copies of Expression Engine, WordPress 1.2 is about to be released, Hosting Matters is recomending that other blog products be used, and Sekimori (Stacy Tabb) hinted somewhere that they will be doing WordPress designs, and countless bloggers are considering their options.

That's a boatload of information, but the net effect is that some of MovableType's biggest supporters are actively eying the competition and liking what they see (or not liking what they see from SixApart).

Related: WindRider details the inherent design issues with MT that have many looking elsewhere.


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Comments (8)

While 6A may have embraced ... (Below threshold)

While 6A may have embraced capitalism by staking out fees (a noble step, if but painful for them) they have forgotten the other side of the coin: they have promoted an MT monoculture that has suddenly become unsustainable by their own actions.

They could have pulled this off if they had a monopoly. Too bad; now they are realizing they didnt' have one. Let the tapdancing continue.

I have not attempted to "up... (Below threshold)

I have not attempted to "upgrade" to MT version3, but I *have* examined their pricing structure, and I believe they have made a serious error. I can understand them wanting to make money off their efforts; that is perfectly understandable. Unfortunately, the prices they are charging are rather high considering there are numerous free alternatives available, including the "non-upgrade" path for Movable Type.

It is sad. I would have paid for an upgrade if it was priced more reasonably.

Kevin,I installed ... (Below threshold)


I installed MT 3.0D and it was a holy living nightmare. I was up until after midnight (on a work day) and finally got it done.

They didn't have any FAQs or knowledge base support for the upgrade! They just had a page that said it would be available in a few days.

My question was "Why didn't they wait until they had troubleshooting instructions BEFORE they made the upgrade available for download.

Bad, bad marketing decisions on the part of Six Apart. It seems like everyone is jumping ship.

There are some really bad bugs in this release, too. The index page doesn't show new comments posted and the comments form directs users to the main index instead of the comments listing page. I can't figure out how to fix it -- again, no instructions. This is obviously a beta release that was wrongly released to the public as a dev version.

I like being able to delete comments and trackbacks from a single page. But, that's really the only UI improvement.

Since I upgraded, I've experimented with the TypeKey registration. No one will use it. The number of comments is down on my blog about 90%! I can't have that.

The rebuilds seem much faster, though. I have about 500 entries and it only takes a couple of minutes. It used to take an eternity.

"The rebuilds seem much ... (Below threshold)

"The rebuilds seem much faster, though. I have about 500 entries and it only takes a couple of minutes. It used to take an eternity."

Two minutes of rebuilding IS an eternity, when you consider that ExpressionEngine, Wordpress, and TextPattern don't rebuild at all. I'm just sayin.

I just did the 5 Minute ins... (Below threshold)

I just did the 5 Minute install to WordPress, and amazingly it took 5 minutes. They got my vote as I gave up trying to figure out MT...

Now comes the fun part of creating a new template.


Grabbed one of those Expres... (Below threshold)

Grabbed one of those Expression Engines, myself. Or rather, my wife did. We'll see how it goes.

I've been using EE since al... (Below threshold)

I've been using EE since alpha testing, Jeff G, and it's one awesome piece of software. You'll love it.

Got EE myself. Question: h... (Below threshold)

Got EE myself. Question: has anyone had experience creating a 404 page which redirects from an old archive page to the appropriate EE URL? If we can figure out a way to do this, what a coup that would be.

I will try to code it myself in the next few weeks if I can't find a prefab version. But why reinvent the wheel, right?






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