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Trivia answers

OK, hereís one posting with the answers for all my trivia questions.

First, the standup comics/TV stars/Oscar winners: my intended answers were Whoopi Goldberg, Tom Hanks, and Robin Williams. Lair pointed out George Burns, and David contributed Red Buttons. Lair also argued for Art Carney, but I canít find any references to him doing standup. (I didnít do that much research, so if anyone knows any better, let me know.)

Second, the car questions. The book Crusty pulled off the shelf was the service manual for 1958 Edsels. The Pacer, Citation, and Ranger were all models of Edsels (the fourth was the Corsair). The names were later recycled by AMC, Chevrolet, and Ford respectively.

Finally, the engine question. Dave P got two-thirds of it. Mazda has done inline-4s, V-6s, and 2-rotor Wankel engines for some time, and now Volkswagen is doing inline-4s, V-6s, and a W-8 engine. But it wasnít Subaru who had the three configurations in the late 80ís/early 90ís, it was Porsche Ė inline-4 in the 944, horizontally-opposed 6 (or flat-6 or boxer, choose your favorite term) in the 911, and V-8 in the 928.

Thanks to all who played along, and especially to those who corrected me.


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I'm not sure I understand t... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure I understand that answer, because multiple manufacturers make more than 2 models of engine right now.

Volkswagen produces I-4s (1.8L, 2.0L), VR6 (narrow angle V, 2.8L and 3.2L), W8 (Passat) V10 (Touareg diesel), and W12 (Phaeton) giving them a total of *5* different engine types.

Audi also has an I-4 (1.8L TT, A4), V6 (2.7L, 3.0L Allroad, B5 S4, A4, A6), V8 (4.2L S4, A6), V12 (6.0L, A8) giving them 4 engine types.

In fact all of the German manufacturers produce at a minimum 3 types of engine (6/8/12), and if you include the european market, they all produce at least 4 (4/6/8/12), with BMW's 4cyl in the 1 and 2 series soon to make it to the US, they'll all have at least 4 -- the new BMW M5 will add a V10 as well.

Now, if the question was how many different engine types are available in a single *model* of car, then it's a bit more difficult. The VW Passat is available in 3 (1.8L I4, VR6, W8) in the US domestic market, for instance.

Like I said, maybe I was missing the point of the question, but I think the days of a single manufacturer only making one or two types of engine are pretty much over.


Sashae, I apologize. I mean... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Sashae, I apologize. I meant different "types" as in different ways to arrange the combustion chambers. I should have dropped the numbers and simply gone for inline, vee, horizontally opposed, and rotary. In that sense, there's no difference between V-6, V-8, V-10, or V-12 (or even V-4, to recall some old Saabs).

Also, there was an unspoken bias in my question. I was limiting it to models available in the US.

Thanks for the question -- it showed I was a smidgen lazy originally.


Ah! Now it's much clearer.... (Below threshold)

Ah! Now it's much clearer... if that's the case, there's only 4 root engine types, I guess -- V, W, I, and Rotary.

The only company that makes rotaries is Mazda, as you stated, and other than that VW would be the only other with both the V, the W, and the I. I don't believe anyone makes a boxer engine along with two other types, as Subaru and Porsche are the only companies using boxer configurations anymore, and Porsche has a V8 but no I.

Interesting trivia now that you've clarified, thanks!


Er, I meant 5 types -- negl... (Below threshold)

Er, I meant 5 types -- neglected the boxer, which I spoke about in my comment. "Duh."







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