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And in other news today...

Cash strapped liberal radio network "Air America" announced today that is was going to start selling "Air America" thongs in an effort to appease its creditors.


Making the announcement on the last radio station still airing the failing network's broadcast, liberal host Al Franken invoked the memory of the last time liberals were relevant in this country.

In a Karaoke performance of a classic 1960's "Country Joe and the Fish" song, Franken bellowed, "Be the first one on your block to help a commie with your twat."

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I can hear it now</p... (Below threshold)

I can hear it now

Well, it's 1-2-3 what are we campaigning for?

Don't ask me, I don't give a damn...
Kerry went to Vietnam.

Well it's 5-6-7 open up the pearly gates
Whoopee! This station's gonna die.

Be the first one on your block to help a commie with your twat

At one point I had a blogoS... (Below threshold)

At one point I had a blogoSFERICS thong for sale. Nobody bought one. Maybe I should have claimed they'd been worn by one of the Olsen twins.

With the present size of th... (Below threshold)

With the present size of the Olsen twins you could have claimed it was worn by both.

DOWN! CAMPERS!even... (Below threshold)


even if it's fun to pile on...
It might not be them selling it.
(probably is, but i never totally trust Drudge)
and I've been watching these monkeys

Do they come in a "used" ve... (Below threshold)

Do they come in a "used" version?

Yes!... I'll take fifty!

My name is B.clinton and I'... (Below threshold)

My name is B.clinton and I'll take a dozen for my wife Hillary.

Ah, CafePress. Any intelli... (Below threshold)

Ah, CafePress. Any intelligent AA listener who wants one of these would notice that it's from CP and not buy it.

Yes, I realize the mutual exclusivity of the phrases "intelligent" and "AA listener".






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