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Lifestyles Of The Rich And Infamous

In answer to a readers question Moxie shares her jet-setting right-wing weekend and it's enough to make liberals apoplectic.

Flew in my private jet up to Berkeley. Handed out disposable razors to every hairy liberal feminist I could find.

As if the sight of a razor wasnít confusing enough to these people, I had the razors branded with their favorite saying, "No more Bush."

Drank Mimosas with a Halliburton exec on the beach. We got naked and clubbed a bunch of baby seals.

Spared a few seals after they agreed to be hired as "independent contractors" then proceeded to club them as well.

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Must have been one of those 'tame' weekends for Mox...

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Q.: Did you hear about the ... (Below threshold)

Q.: Did you hear about the lefty who decided to go out and club some Navy SEALS?

A.: Not since then I haven't.






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