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Where The Sun Don't Shine...

From today's New York Daily News Rush & Molloy column:

Original "Survivor" Richard Hatch, the cunning strategist who took home the million-dollar prize on the show's debut season, apparently pulled out all the stops to gain an advantage on this year's "Survivor: All-Stars."

"Richard smuggled matches on to the island in a vial [inside his person]," fellow all-star Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien told us. "He totally cheated!"

He's got a way's to go before he approaches the novelty of the items mentioned in this old The Straigh Dope column that reviewed the medial literature on the topic.

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He did say at some point th... (Below threshold)

He did say at some point that he could make fire at any time. But why? What's the use of risking that if using them in front of a cameraman would get you kicked off?

That's insane, but I can to... (Below threshold)

That's insane, but I can totally see Hatch doing that!







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