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Daily Six Pack

Because man should not live by diet soda alone, I give you five tall cold links and a personal nugget - a virtual six pack.

  1. Pop princess Britney Spears confessed she's had a sexual experience with another woman.

  2. Avril Levine must have Britney/Christina envy because she's trying to out wacky them.

  3. What is the Copperhead Fedayeen?

  4. Separated At Birth - Michael Moore and Jabba The Hut.

  5. Survivor (Blogosphere) is gearing up for it's second season. There's plenty of openings.

Personal Nugget - I have arrived! I'm important now! It's got nothing to do with blogging...

I've been equipped with my very own chemical, biological, and nuclear attack survival kit. Next thing you know I'll be getting an invite to the secret underground shadow government site in West Virginia. That means I'll be blogging the Armageddon, woo hoo!!!


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Comments (5)

Actually Survivor needs som... (Below threshold)

Actually Survivor needs some female players now.. i got plenty of guy players... preferably hot female players.

May I suggest a post about ... (Below threshold)

May I suggest a post about an NGO?

Kepos Group is an NGO that acknowledges and supports local knowledge, rather than ready-to-use development
formulae prescribed by outsiders.


The poor say thank you!!!

<a href="http://www.la4isra... (Below threshold)
Hey - thanks for the link!<... (Below threshold)

Hey - thanks for the link!

I blog too much because of ... (Below threshold)

I blog too much because of high carbs.






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