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Mark Cuban's Reality Show

Dallas Maverick owner and billionaire blogger Mark Cuban is the star of a new reality series that will be on ABC's fall lineup. The show is called The Benefactor and seems to be a mix between The Apprentice and Survivor. 16 contestants compete for a $1 million dollar prize.

Cuban previously announced auditions for the show on his blog.

What do contestants have to do to win? Cuban answers (sort of):

No special skills required, but we will put you in a pressure cooker with such potential tasks and challenges as playing solitaire and - for the more advanced contestants - our old favorite card game, war. For the speed freaks out there, you could win showing off your bumper car skills.

As you can tell, I'm up late at night coming up with challenges that work the mind, body and soul, individually, and in teams. More often than not, we will simply put you someplace interesting with something interesting going on, and see how you and all your new friends get along with a million bucks on the line.

Of course this could be interesting like The Apprentice or an abysmal failure like The Restaurant. ABC is gambling you'll tune in to find out. Given ABC's historically low 4th place ratings it seems like a wise gamble.

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