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Sad News

Gennie got the call everyone with family in the military dreads. Her nephew, Jeremiah, was killed in Iraq.

I'm sure if you donate as much as you can spare via her tip jar she will pass it on to Jeremiah's family. He leaves behind a wife and five children including a newborn last month.

Marine Corps News>CAMP HURRICANE POINT, Iraq(May 15, 2004) -- Lance Cpl. Jeremiah E. Savage, gunner with 81 mm Mortar Platoon, Mobile Assault Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, couldn't wait to get home to meet his newborn son.

However, at the age of 21, he was struck down by an improvised explosive device May 12 during a routine patrol through the streets of Ramadi.

Marines from his unit gathered here May 15 to pay homage to the Livingston, Tenn., leatherneck during an afternoon memorial ceremony.

"On Wednesday afternoon, Lance Corporal Savage was doing the very thing we came here to do: help Iraq," said Capt. Robert S. Weiler, company commander. "We had just visited a water treatment plant so that the people there could get more than one hour of drinking water a day. Then we handed out Frisbees and soccer balls to the children and put smiles on their faces, which was something Savage loved to do."


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