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Daily Six Pack

Because man should not live by diet soda alone, I give you five tall cold links and a personal nugget - a virtual six pack.

  1. Courtney Love is falling to pieces - not for the squeamish.

  2. Did the military attack a wedding in Iraq? They say no.

  3. Jeff Goldstein says, "Stop the pita lies!"

  4. Bill at INDC is branching out from photo coverage to editorial cartoons. When's that next protest march?

  5. James Joyner obviously inspired this little linkfest with the Beltway Traffic Jam.

Personal Nugget - I got a call about from OPM today about my security clearance... It was from my last job, submitted last May. I can say with some level of certainty the delay for non military clearances is running at 1 year...

Comments (2)

That's an oldie but not-so-... (Below threshold)

That's an oldie but not-so-goodie (only relevant to your recent Jabba comparison) - better ones are here or here.

Next march is June 5 - and it may actually include some high profile moonbats, so stay tuned.

Ohmigosh, I know that drag ... (Below threshold)

Ohmigosh, I know that drag queen in the Courtney Love piece. And 'she' looks better than Ms. Love.






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