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Fantasia Exit Watch

Fantasia Barrino is going home tonight, because the American Idol voting system rewards people with too much time on their hands. The lesson from season 3 of American Idol is that talent is an afterthought; a committed base of fans is far more important.

Last week Jasmine Trias effectively received a vote from every man, woman, and child in Hawaii. Expect the same support this week. The Maui News reported on last weeks voting paterns:

Hawaii ranked third in completed calls in the Verizon network, Laverty said. New York, where Verizon has 95 percent of the business, had 2.1 million completed calls, and California, where Verizon ''is not dominant,'' had 1.4 million calls, he said.
New Jersey, which like Hawaii is 100 percent Verizon, had 15,000 to 20,000 fewer calls than Hawaii, despite a 2003 estimated population of 8.6 million compared to Hawaii's 1.26 million, Laverty said. [..]

Hawaii is six hours behind the East Coast - island viewers might have a later, less-crowded calling period to cast votes.

Since the best singer (La Toya Jackson London) cannot win, I'd like to see Jasmine to win just to see the squirming from the American Idol judges and producers who have to put her on tour and release an album.

Related: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Tim Cuprisin offers 9 ways to fix American Idol.

Update: The results are in - (spoiler protected)...

In the voice of douchebag Ryan Secrest, Trias out"

Comments (10)

My daughter tried like craz... (Below threshold)

My daughter tried like crazy to vote for Fantasia last night and she kept getting a recording that said the number was unavailable!

Latoya Jackson is in Americ... (Below threshold)

Latoya Jackson is in American Idol??!!! Isn't she kind of washed up?

I am thinking that everyone... (Below threshold)

I am thinking that everyone gets tired of the panel of judges so shamelessly advertising to the public exactly who "they" think we should vote for to win. While I can appreciate their professional opinions on those competing..I do not want them telling me who to vote for! The judges were so blatantly obvious this time as to their favorite. Maybe there is some backlash from the public? As for Fabtasia..as Simon put it one night...she sounds like she has been sucking up some helium from balloons.

P.S.It is easy and q... (Below threshold)

It is easy and quick to vote online instead of by phone.

I was finally able to cast ... (Below threshold)

I was finally able to cast ONE vote at 10:58 PM -- just a couple of minutes before the voting ended.

I kept hitting redial and all I got was a busy signal.

The American Idol voting sucks. I'm certain Fantasia will be the next to go. But, I'll buy her CD. I haven't purchased anything by Ruben, Kelly, or Clay.

Of course, my nieces and nephew will be thrilled. Jasmine is their cousin (their auntie's husband's niece).

Ssssh. Don't let them know I voted for Fantasia.

I have ATT wireless so my v... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I have ATT wireless so my votes all count. The more I think about it the more this show has no losers. the last four including La Toya London will have huge contracts, and just like with Clay and Rueben the intial million dollars will be a blip on the radar of their overall career earnings. Just as it appears Clay will out earn Rueben in the long term, (my impression so far, no actual data) I think Fantasia, Dianna, and La Toya will all probably out earn Jasmine. Even all the controversy of over the voting is increased publicity for the show.

As for a concert and album, the record company, will more than make that up if the sign the other three. Also the show is free publicity, they don't have to spend as much to marked the 'winners' as they already leave the show with a following.

The only the show can lose is if Jasmine wins. The other three all deserving and La Toya was arguably the best. (...if Jasmine wins) AND there is enough backlash from her winning that a LARGE group of people lose interest in the show. In many cases negative interest can be just as effective as positive interest. Apathy is their only enemy.

I have ATT wireless so m... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I have ATT wireless so my votes all count.

You even get a response message the next day acknowledging our vote.

I tried to vote for almost ... (Below threshold)

I tried to vote for almost 30 minutes starting at 10pm and got a busy signal the whole time. I was voting for Fantasia. I'm thinking the busy signal problem is a good sign.

i hope the good voters of ... (Below threshold)

i hope the good voters of hawaii are all prepared to buy jasmine's cd's by the truckfull. they will be the only ones buying her slightly-off-key music.

This should not be about ra... (Below threshold)

This should not be about race. We have to remember this is america....the land of the free. We are still acting like we are in the past. I am sure that foreign countries laugh at us the way we carry on with one another...no respect for one another. It always has to be a black and whtie issue. God made us all... and he made us for HIS purpose, not ours. Lets grow up and may the best singer win! This is not a competition. It would have been a competition of it were between LaToya and Fantasia. Let's not hate. I pray they change the voting where we can only vote once. We are voting for the best singer; buy voting several times does not indicate that the individual is the best; it's because that's who you like; race wise; not because the person has the best voice. Let's be honest and do the right thing. Let's not continue to make everything a race issue. God is love not color. We have enough to worry about w/ terroist trying to infiltrate the US. Let's concentrate on the more important issues. Another suggestion would be is to let the audience vote; for peace sake. All of these issues take away from what the show is really about.






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