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On The Sopranos

James Lileks:

I never thought the Sopranos would jump the shark. Whack the shark, yes, but not jump it. Last night I was watching the latest episode, and I realized with horror that this was all a dream sequence. That's one of the signs a show is dead, the other being an episode that gives everyone an opportunity to sing and dance.

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Wow. I thought the same thi... (Below threshold)

Wow. I thought the same thing Sunday night. Even turned to my wife and said, "They've jumped the shark."

And with only three episodes left (now two) on the season.

We've already had a car chase (Tony forcing his rival to crash into the back of a semi), a Shakespeare illusion (Moltesanti holding up the skul Yorick-like) and the amnesia crutch (Uncle June going for a wander through Newark).

What's next? A makeshift picnic tricycle race between Tony and Johnny Sack? Just like Battle of the Network Stars.

What's next? A makeshift... (Below threshold)

What's next? A makeshift picnic tricycle race between Tony and Johnny Sack? Just like Battle of the Network Stars.

That's the funniest thing I've read in a long time! Someone should do a show called "Battle of the Cable Stars" -- battles like The Sopranos vs. Queer As Folk and Six Feet Under vs. Soul Food.






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