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Our First Time

Off the the emergency room for our first little boy accident. Nothing too serious, just an undetermined number of stitches. Paul, Rodney, or Jay Tea may (or may not) keep you entertained in the interim.

Update: WizKid #1 (the elder) managed to get a serious gash in is foot climbing up a dresser. As best as we can tell he was using the decorative drawer knobs as a step pegs when one broke in half exposing a razor sharp edge. His room looks like a crime scene...

I met everyone at the hospital and entertained WizKid #2 (the one minute younger) while his brother was being outprocessed. Since he's still a little guy, they dressed the stitch area very well and put a mesh sock on and taped it in place. He's tried on more that one occasion to get it off; fortunately he's not yet succeeded.

Being a former little boy, the only question I had was, "how many stitches?" The Wizbang Wife is going to have to remember to get this vital piece of information on all subsequent ER visits. If you can't brag about the number of stitches you got recovery isn't going to be any fun. For arguments sake I'll estimate that he got 100 stitches - perhaps I'm exponentially exaggerating since 5 is a more likely number. Still, if you're going to have the Fire and Rescue squad over to your house with sirens blaring you're going to need a good story...

I did inquire if the local ER had a loyalty club card to speed future check-ins, but apparently this fad hasn't caught on in the medical profession.

WizKid #1 is doing fine - he can walk just fine - and was in good spirits once we got home. A few Laurie Berkner music videos and he was a happy as a pig in shit...


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Comments (6)

Glad to read everything is ... (Below threshold)

Glad to read everything is okay. My family still tells the following stories about me and my brother:

1) When Freddie and Frankie climbed up Grandma's china hutch to get candy and knocked the entire thing over (luckily no stitches -- just bruises and lots of broken dishes).

2) When Frankie hit Freddie on the head with the claw end of a hammer (seven stitches).

3) When Freddie hit Frankie on the head with the vacuum cleaner attachment (nine stitches).

4) When Frankie shot Freddie in the hand with a nail gun (permanent nerve damage -- I still can't do the Star Trek "live long and prosper" thing).

5) When Freddie jumped off the teeter totter and Frankie cut his leg open during the hard landing (52 stitches).

6) When Frankie shot Freddie in the eye with a pencil he'd loaded into a dart gun (pencil stuck in eye -- I still have the mark).

It only got worse as we got older. I don't know how we survived to adulthood. I suppose it is surprising that we're best friends at 43.

Perhaps the next time I fee... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Perhaps the next time I feel like humiliating myself in front of the world here, I'll post about my most embarassing childhood injury. It's a tossup between "head caught in wrought-iron fence" and "face caught on bedspring under neighbor's bed."

Not to mention the burn I mentioned in my piece above...


So what do YOU think about ... (Below threshold)

So what do YOU think about the Laurie Berkner videos?

I have a bunch of her stuff from noggin saved to DVD for the kids in the family but I have not decided if I want to buy her videos.

And of course I'm glad the rug rat is OK.


Glad to hear the Wizlet sur... (Below threshold)

Glad to hear the Wizlet survived the injury, and survived the hospital visit. And I'm not going to share my worst/most painful/most embarrassing childhood injury. Some things are just too personal.

Paul, we've only got the No... (Below threshold)

Paul, we've only got the Nogin stuff as well. Her music doesn't make me want to shoot myself which is a big possitive. I actually find myself humming the tune every once in a while.

Glad that it wasn't too sev... (Below threshold)

Glad that it wasn't too severe. Trust me, if a hospital had such a hospitality card, my two sons and wife would have had them long ago! The response we get is almost like Tim "Tool Man" Taylor when we walk in...






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