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Return Of The Washingtonienne

Information yearns to be free!

If you missed the brief run of Washingtonienne, you're in luck - the mysteriously deleted blog of the Capital Hill staffer has been memorialized exactly as it was before it disappeared.

The Washingtonienne Archives.


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Comments (7)

Oh yay. Another blog about ... (Below threshold)

Oh yay. Another blog about a DC insider who likes to talk about sex.


Is she what happens when yo... (Below threshold)

Is she what happens when you smoke too much crack?

I call bullshit--at least i... (Below threshold)

I call bullshit--at least insofar as the whole "pays me for sex thing". I mean come on---deciding to give up the A for money is a fairly IMPORTANT decision--and certainly not one you'd expect to be sandwiched between posts about cute earrings and boring lunches.

That's the whole appeal Chr... (Below threshold)

That's the whole appeal Chris Cross, she doesn't consider it that important.

Bah, I still call bullshit.... (Below threshold)

Bah, I still call bullshit.

And even assuming it is true...having finally seen the ACTUAL photos of a certain Tina Fey-esque bloggess--the stories don't exactly get me all tingly...

Sugarmama, YOU are what hap... (Below threshold)

Sugarmama, YOU are what happens when you smoke too much crack. You get too skinny and look like Sheryl Crow and take a break from blogging. Now put down the pipe before I come over there and have an intervention!

I got the picture and name ... (Below threshold)

I got the picture and name of the real Washingtonienne on my blog. Click on my name.






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